dimanche, mars 20, 2011

How I became a loser

I don't know whether I wrote about this or not; I made a bet with David, we would do no alcohol for 28 days starting March. I was really confident, I mean, after 6 months without alcohol, 28 days is nothing! So I was sure I was going to win and have bragging rights. To my astonishment it was me who lost after 2 weeks.

One day I went out with Jan and his friends, cute friends I should say, and Josefien - Jan's girlfriend. We were having a really nice evening, talking about our adventures travelling and the silly stuff that can come up sometimes. After 3 or 4 bottles of orange juice I couldn't continue, that's too much orange juice in the evening, and I gave in completely; we drank tequila, rum and some beers. I have to control myself but lately it's been a bit more difficult than before. But well, I told David two days after that I had drunk some alcohol and he nearly slapped me in the face for not having told him right away: "Y a mí me tuviste dos días más tomando iced tea y cerveza sin alcohol, qué cabrón." He complained more about not knowing that he could have some alcoholic drinks than me not telling him I lost, ha!

In the end we made it a toss-up, I don't know how but it is a toss-up. David drank a lot the day I told him, I guess to compensate.

Next time I won't make a bet, I will just stop drinking that much and take it slowly.

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