vendredi, février 05, 2010

February 5th - The English Day

Today is English day. Why? Well, just because, really. Though it started with my facebook account.

My account was set in French but for some reason it kinda got blocked so I had to change it back to English - peachy, and I'm being totally sarcastic.

After that was solved I went back to Stephen King's The Dark Tower VII which I've been "reading" since June 2009 - I seriously expected a lot more of this book, that's why it's taken me so long to actually want to finish it but oh well.

Then I indulged myself completely into watching Survivor Micronesia on Youtube. I am a die-hard fan of the show and while waiting for the new season to premiere I decided to watch one of my favorite seasons once again. I'm just a reality TV freak, I gotta admit that.

And finally, I went with it just because I felt like it - as you all may have already figured out, it was a long boring day in my life.

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